Digital Agency Builders Review Video [part 0]

Digital Agency Builders Review


Digital Agency Builders Review


In this Digital Agency Builders review, Chris Record is going to go into detail about what Digital Agency Builders (DAB) is and the opportunity that you have while the company is in pre-launch. First, Chris is going to start it off with some valuable training that will get you to think about the massive opportunity out there for those who see the potential and capitalize on it.

00:00 What I’m gonna do is I’m going to do something a little bit different. I’m going to dive right in to some teaching, literally right off the bat because I feel like we can cover a lot of this, but I feel like I really want to start showing you guys some value. I really want to dive in and show you this model called an agency umbrella.

Now, what is an agency an umbrella?

An agency umbrella is essentially, in a nutshell. If you had your own custom domain name and it pointed and it mapped to the professional name. Is it Matt? You know, so if I went to Chris Record Dot Com and it mapped to a pre-built agency website and that site had, you know, services and offers and ways that clients could pay you. That could be one of the best ways to create extra income in 2018.

00:59 Can. I know it’s a huge run on sentence, right? Your agency could promote a lot of things. Let’s talk about some of the things that babies could promote. Um, you could, you could sell your own digital courses. You could promote affiliate offers, you know, like let’s just go through a lot of that scale.

You could promote your econ business, you could sell your network marketing offer. If you have a network marketing offer, you could resell other people’s services. Okay, that’s pretty cool. One, you could do agency arbitrage and then I’ll, I’ll explain that. Okay. Um, there’s just like literally so many things. You could brand yourself better. You could get public speaking opportunities. Uh, you could promote books or podcasts. Okay. How about this one? You could get paid to review things such as movies, restaurants, heck, video games of golf courses, a fashion, clothing, you name it.

Digital Agency Builders Review Continued


Digital Agency Builders Review

02:28 So many things that you could go out there and endless ideas you could get paid. Not to mention that there could be some significant tax write offs involved if you were going out there and spending money with the purpose of profit to be able to review things that it might be things you’re already doing on a day to day basis that you could be doing for business. There’s just so many things. The point is with an agency umbrella, you could do all of these under one website.

Okay? So I want you to imagine for a second imagine for a second, okay? This is really key here. Every, uh, you know, every course you’ve ever purchased, every software or platform that you own, every offer you ever wanted to promote all of these. This could all be done under one umbrella.

This Digital Agency Builders review solves one of the biggest problems in our industry and some of you might know exactly where I’m going.

03:43 One of this, uh, actually this is probably, I’m going to make a claim here and say this fight the biggest problem in our industry, okay? For most of us, which is Shiny Object Syndrome, okay? This is by far the biggest thing that I always see. Okay? Like even tonight, even tonight, there are tons of webinars going on at the same time, teaching different ways to make money. That’s what I mean by our industry.

Our industry is like the make money online niche or the niche or the Internet marketing niche. It’s all network marketing, direct sales. All these different niches all together, really like make money from home, work for yourself. You’re in Boston, so even tonight there’s tons of webinars going on. Same time there’s a. You are being pulled 100 different ways every day. Actually in the comments right now, comment if you can relate.

04:42 Okay? Seriously, just comment if you can relate. Okay, so there are really two options. Okay. Let’s. Let’s look at your two choices. Option number one is laser focus. To choose one thing and become the master of just that one thing. Don’t look left, don’t look right. Just have tunnel vision and focus.

Okay? That’s option one is going to be laser focused and there are people that do this incredibly well. Okay? Option number two is going to be, let’s just have fun with it. Let’s just call it the juggling act. Okay? Learn how to manage multiple opportunities at the same time and create multiple streams of income when it’s done properly.

Now that sounds fascinating.

Who doesn’t want multiple strings of income? But notice when it’s done properly, that’s incredibly hard because it’s just so easy to get distracted. So really there’s really two options here.

05:50 Become this laser focused person or manage things in like a juggling act. This really comes down to your type. If you are the personality type that can stay laser focused, then go ahead and do it. I mean literally just choose one thing.

For example, you know, you might, you might try like 10 different things to see what you like, but then it’s always be experimenting, always be trying something new. But then as soon as you find something that you really resonate with, lock onto it and get laser focused, that’s okay.

However, if you’re like me, okay, if you’re like me, I don’t want to focus on just one thing, right? I want to learn a little about a lot. I would like to. I like knowledge and here’s the thing. I love to experiment with new ideas because every once in a while I might find something that adds an extra, an extra six figures to my income that I never even would have looked at before.

06:43 I’ve stumbled across ideas on accident. Like for example, a couple of years ago, I promoted a brand new thing that I’d never done before, the generated millions of dollars had I not been open minded. I would have missed that. So literally I love the idea of the Juggling Act, although it’s difficult for most people.

So, uh, I prefer option number two, but it’s difficult for most people, which is why we been working behind the scenes to create an unbelievable solution to this problem. And I can’t wait to reveal that for you. Hey, not yet.

Keep reading this Digital Agency Builders review to find out.

I’m going to come back to that in just a second. I cannot wait to reveal this solution to you. Okay? But not yet. There’s still some more stuff that I want to do first. So this is literally the reason I prefer option number two.

Let’s look at this.

The reason is, is because even when you think you’re focused on something, you’re not really focused on it.

07:49 Okay? That’s the thing. It’s like, here’s an example I like to use the example of Sam Ovens and Tai Lopez. Sam Ovens has chosen to laser focus on consulting his business. He owns it own domain name He has, for the past six years I’ve been a consultant himself, and every single day he teaches people about consulting.

That is called laser focus.

Okay, so I’m going to give an example of laser focus, and by the way, for those of you that are just coming on the webinar right now, keep in mind that I am going to give you access to these notes right now. Not right this second, but I’m going to give you access to these notes. So if you are literally trying to follow along right now and I’m writing really fast, I’m going to give you these notes. All you have to do is stay on this Digital Agency Builders review Webinar, engage with me hanging there, and I’m going to be showing you exactly how to get these notes.

08:43 Hang on. You’re going to want these because I’m going to be providing a lot of value inside here for you. Okay? So an example of laser-focus Sam ovens and Okay, so real quick, let’s go over here to and let’s look at this laser focus, right? So this is Sam ovens become a highly paid consultant. So he has created one website. The brand name is right there. He’s helping people in this community and he’s doing this. So let’s use this as the case study, right? Sam Ovens,

Okay. So let’s look at some of the things that he has to focus on.

Okay. So number one, actually right here, he has to become a good. He has to become good at consulting himself. Okay? First things first, he can’t be laser focused if he’s not good at that.

Okay. Next, what are some of the things he asked to get a good? Okay, so let’s take a look at. He’s got to learn about branding, right? Because he has to learn about domain acquisition.

He bought the domain name. He has to learn about website hosting. He has to learn about, you know, not only that but like search engine optimization to get it to get a site ranked.

This is only the first part of this Digital Agency Builders review, click here to continue and watch the next video in this training.


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